Premio FAD Pensamiento y Crítica 2015

[July 2nd] Disseny Hub, Barcelona

DESIERTO ES PREMIO FAD DE PENSAMIENTO Y CRÍTICA 2015. Hemos recibido el Premio ex-aequo junto con la revista Quaderns. Aquí reproducimos el acta del jurado: "En Desierto, es importante repensar el formato papel en sí mismo, tanto en relación con los temas escritos como en la propia forma de leer documentos que hoy nos hemos acostumbrado. Se destaca también el magnífico manifiesto presentado con el conjunto de números, de alta calidad en las ideas presentadas. Es un ideario maduro y clarividente. " Gracias!


There is a light that never goes out / ETSAM

[July 20th to 29th] Workshop, Learning from pop-up urbanism, Instituto de Arquitectura, ETSAM, Madrid

En este Taller se tratará de visibilizar todos esos agentes, todos esos dispositivos, todas esas infraestructuras y todas esas formas de urbanismo que, aun no admitidas por la modernidad, construyen ciudad. Tomando como caso de estudio el fenómeno de los Festivales de Verano, y de la misma forma que Denisse Scott Brown y Robert Venturi en “Learning from Las Vegas” se investigarán e identificarán las arquitecturas de estos tipos de urbanismo contemporáneo.


Miembros Fantasma / ExpoPFCAlicante

[May 9th] Vis a vis Madrid - Alicante at La Caja Negra, Las Cigarreras Cultura Contemporánea, Alicante

Mikel Amiano, María Gómez Javaloyes, Ramón Martínez, Ana Melgarejo, Pedro Pitarch and Jorge Sobejano present their Degree projects. Phantom limb is a syndrome by which we can feel a missing limb as still attached to the body, and working. It is a phenomenon where the boundaries between the real and the imaginary are diluted. The brain has the capacity to devote one of its areas exclusively to the illusory member, generating information for a place that does not exist, but allowing the affected person to keep feeling it. Paper proposes to reflect on the project as a phantom limb that will accompany us in our body-architect, usually intangible, but demanding stimulus and generating intense activity.


Paper at Architectus Omnibus? / Berlin

[ May 18th to May 20th] Architectus Omnibus? 6th Spanish- German meeting of culture, Berlin

What are the implications of current architecture derived from the unstoppable growth of cities, the side effects of climate change or economic, social and cultural changes? The Instituto Cervantes and the Goethe-Institut invite PAPER to participate in a dialogue that discusses the role of the architect and his growing social responsibility in the XXI century. With Ethel Baraona, Anh-Linh Ngo and Andres Lepik.


Desierto - Finalist at FAD Award "Pensamiento y crítica" 2015

FAD Award for Thought and Critics includes all those texts and publications related to the city, the landscape, architecture, interior design, etc. that have contributed significantly to fostering the necessary debate and criticism in Spain to formulate the basis of our culture. In order to recognize the role of this written architecture, this category distinguishes all those works that have to do with the title of the category itself, "thought" and "critical".


Colapso: First meeting of independent publications on architecture curated by Paper Architectural Histamine. Libros Mutantes 15, La Casa Encendida, Madrid.

[April 24, 25 & 26th] Libros Mutantes 15, La Casa Encendida, Madrid.

With: 255 Daetsam, Adolfo Press, Bartlebooth Mag, Bedford Press, Cuarto mag, Displacements, DPA Prints, DPR-barcelona, FAI, HipoTesis, The Modernist, MONU, Pupa Press, Sa Cabana Editorial, Scopio, Soiled, Vendedores de Humo, Books People Places


Formatting Architecture, Summer Workshop.

Summer Workshop / COAIB, Palma de Mallorca

Formatting Architecture is an intensive one-week workshop for 30 students and recent graduates of architecture or any other related field. An international workshop that will be held at the headquarters of COAIB (Chamber of Architects) in Palma de Mallorca during the first week of July 2015.


¿Y tú qué haces? / 2nd exhibition Paréntesis

[March 26th] Round table at COAM (colegio oficial de arquitectos de Madrid), Madrid

A conversation to discuss new practices performed by young architects, the approach to other disciplines and the role of individual initiatives and its futures. With 255, JARD, Jose Jajaja, liquenlav, Taller de Casquería and Vicente Monroy.


Soft Fossil Records at Paréntesis

[March 26th] Soft Fossil Records, COAM Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid

We created this piece for Y tú qué haces? exhibition at COAM (Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid) as part of the project Parentesis. It is made out of all the documents generated during our first year as editors. The three issues of Desierto were published during this first year of work. It is made of all kinds of working material such as design drafts, editorial references, digital material, invoices, drafts, final issues, photos and all kinds of texts. An organized compilation of what producing a magazine means.


Premios FAD Pensamiento y Crítica 2015

Miembros Fantasma / ExpoPFCAlicante.

Paper at Architecture Omnibus / Berlin.

Finalist FAD Pensamiento y Crítica 2015.

Colapso, first meeting of independent publications on architecture. .

Formatting Architecture Workshop.

¿Y tu que haces? Round Table, COAM.

Soft Fossil Records, COAM.