PAPER MEMBERS. The objective of this initiative is to gain support for our project. Your contribution will help us continue working independently. Your implication will keep this editorial alive.
Become a friend of PAPER and be an active part of all of our projects!
(All contributions are directly devoted to the production of our publications)

Here at Paper, we propose different options of collaboration with us:

PROPS > Subscriber (annual contribution of 50 Euros)

+ Subscription to the publication Desierto (3 issues)
+ Publication of your name/office on the web
+ Receive our Newsletter with all our news and activities via email.

FOUNDATION > Friend of PAPER (150 Euros)

- The above
+ Receive all editorial work from PAPER for a year

PILLARS > Patron (from 300 Euros)

- The above
+ Invitation to private events exclusive to members
+ Invitation to the annual meeting for members

BEAMS > Benefactor (consult conditions, personalised programme)

- The above
+ Organisation of specific events
+ The satisfaction of not only supporting but of being part of an emerging, fast-growing project.

If you have already chosen an option, write an email to with your contact details (name and surname(s), address and postcode, email)

Thank you in advance.