First meeting of independent publications on architecture at Libros mutantes 15. Madrid.
If you want to coordinate a show of the exhibition in your city, write us an email to
Adolfo Press
Architektur in gebrauch (DE)
Bedford Press (UK)
Cuarto Mag (CL)
DPA Prints
dpr – Barcelona
Hipo Tesis
Horizonte (De)
The Modernist (UK)
Monu (NL)
Project Journal (US)
Pupa Press (CL)
Sa Cabana (CL)
Scopio (PT)
Soiled (DE)
Vendedores de Humo
Colapso is a showcase to celebrate the growing emergence of new formats and independent platforms for architectural thinking, as an alternative to the established architectural press, which help to generate a parallel and heterogeneous scenario open to new forms of research and criticism.
Launched by PAPER / Architectural Histamine for the 6th edition of the Madrid Art Book Fair Libros Mutantes, to be held at La Casa Encendida from 24 to 26 April 2015, it will be a meeting point for publications with new conceptions on space and architecture.
For this first edition, registration is open to all independent print publications, seeking works in a wide range of content and format (research papers, magazines, thesis, etc.), that help enhance and expand contemporary architectural production and thinking.

"The idea of collapse motivates to consider a possibility: To appreciate the apparently inactive moments in history. A breakdown always allows us to look under the fissures, and there we may discover the opportunity of changes.
A seemingly silent transformation is what we show here. This selection of publications points to the progressive dysfunction of architecture as we know it. As archaeological records which invent the present, they evoke an architecture of entropy, marking that not the entire energy can exclusively be used to produce work.
Celebrating Pause, they believe in the idea of the tangential, the informal and sub-monumental, expanding the field of the discipline and allowing to blur its boundaries. They put thought and speculation at the center of the scene. They rise questions, deadlocks, and do not hide uncertainties or errors; on the contrary, their prefer them rather than direct answers and clear solutions. In this space of transit and questioning, we are invited to think that collapse is a necessary situation.
The depletion of expired structures demand the invention of new ones, and thus our ability to reinvent them ".
April 2015, La Casa Encendida, Madrid
Curated by
Paper /Architectural Histamine.